We are the only company in Canada with access to hundreds of national, dedicated routes

The Truck Advertising Canada Ads Advantage

We believe that mobile billboards are the key to unequal data. Gain an advantage over your competition through customization of your trucks’ route and 24/7 data.

Price Leaders

We are consistently 15-20% cheaper than any competitor and pride ourselves on A+ customer service.


Decide which ad to place on our mobile billboards to target your demographic. View truck routes and target multiple major cities daily.

GPS Data

View the location of your mobile billboard and its history. Receive 24/7 data through live reports on its location.

Quality Prints

Printed on high-quality and environmentally friendly vinyl, you’ll receive vibrant colours and durability.

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How We Work

Our system is simple and effective. Send us your advertisement and
we’ll have it on the road in two-weeks.

Tracking and Reporting

Tracking and Reporting- Industry leading software provides live routes from your computer or phone. Receive information about speed and stops.

GPA Tracking and Mapping:

Our GPS tracking shows target market reach and location.View your billboards on-the-go 24/7.

Mobile Billboard Selection:

Enjoy the freedom to see regions traveled to by our trucks. You’ll receive route recommendations, but can still choose which route is best suited for your campaign.

Our Passion Is Our Work

Here at Truck Advertising Canada we’re passionate about marketing your products and services. We believe that using a mobile billboard to advertise is the most effective strategy to grow your business.

We will always stay committed to your advertising goals. Every advertisement on our trucks is read by tens of thousands of people per day in your chosen region. If you wish to change your ad, you can make adjustments whenever needed. You can even run a different ad on each side of the mobile billboard.

Why Mobile Billboards?

Build your brand awareness using mobile billboards.


On a typical day, mobile billboards receive 90,000 to 150,000 views every day, traveling hundreds of kilometers. Every mobile billboard has at least 225 square feet and up to 1,400 square feet.


85% of people who see mobile billboards read them. This is nearly double the amount stationary billboards earn. 97% of viewers who read mobile billboards remember the message. 98% of people who see ads in a car notice mobile billboard ads.


Billboards which are mobile, increase brand awareness 15 times more than any other advertising form. 72% of viewers often or occasionally shop after work. Out of adult viewers, 40% visit stores they’ve seen ads of within the last month. 8% of those who view billboards write about products and ads on blogs.


Mobile billboards are active 8-10 hours every day and 4-5 days every week, earning millions of views per month. Target your demographic and advertise in certain cities and regions.

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